Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to Earn Infamy in Empires and Allies

Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge in blog gaming? Empires and Allies is the latest and best blog platform game offering from Zynga. Known mostly for its snuggly games filled with fluff and circumstance, Zynga has totally revamped its image with this combative game.

Empires and Allies is based on what you might expect, Empire building, your Empire to be exact. In this game you will develop armies, stock pile weaponry and formulate allies with other blog players. The outcome is obvious, global or in this case blog, dominance.

One key component of the game is obtaining something called ‘infamy points.” These points allow the player to ramp up their armies and increase their fire power. To obtain infamy points a player must aggressively pursue an enemy and engage in combat. The amount of points you receive is based on your success during that given battle. Infamy points are granted on this success and banked for future use.

Empires and Allies is a great military strategy game that is both challenging and fun. The fact it is blog based increases the fun factor since you are able to play with friends and build new friends through alliances.


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