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How to Earn Infamy in Empires and Allies

Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge in blog gaming? Empires and Allies is the latest and best blog platform game offering from Zynga. Known mostly for its snuggly games filled with fluff and circumstance, Zynga has totally revamped its image with this combative game.

Empires and Allies is based on what you might expect, Empire building, your Empire to be exact. In this game you will develop armies, stock pile weaponry and formulate allies with other blog players. The outcome is obvious, global or in this case blog, dominance.

One key component of the game is obtaining something called ‘infamy points.” These points allow the player to ramp up their armies and increase their fire power. To obtain infamy points a player must aggressively pursue an enemy and engage in combat. The amount of points you receive is based on your success during that given battle. Infamy points are granted on this success and banked for future use.

Empires and Allies is a great military strategy game that is both challenging and fun. The fact it is blog based increases the fun factor since you are able to play with friends and build new friends through alliances.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Empires and Allies Invasion Guide

Unlike happy, cute predecessors, the game Empires and Allies is a game that focuses on battles and blood. Instead of snuggling the enemy, you beat them up. Winning is part of the equation. If you want to know how to win battles in empires and allies, then you are in luck.

Start by knowing your enemy. When you know the enemy, you can win. It is the only way that you can get ahead in the game. You have to outwit the enemy. This is how you do that. Then you must watch their health level. When the yellow bar appears, you should be set for battle.

Look at the icons above the heads of the units. Choose the ones that are able to beat the enemy. That means that they should be strong in an area that the enemy is weak in. Build a strong army and go defeat the enemy. Attack using one unit at a time. The volleys should maintain the upper hand while doing this. Then all you have to do is finish each battle victoriously. Use this strategy to defeat the enemy over and over. That is how you win the game.

Knowing how to win battles in Empires and Allies is a simple matter of study, gather and attack. It is fun and simple to do. Just repeat this step over and over to gain the victory over your opponent. In no time, you will be addicted, so watch out. It is a great game.

Empires and Allies Combat Guide

Empires and Allies combat is a simple and fun combat system involving a split screen combat approach with your team on the bottom half of the screen and the enemy on the top half of the screen as you kill or destroy the enemy rewards you need will fall.

When starting combat depending on the type you will have ground or battle field wars which has the two sides running toward each other with your team on the bottom half and the enemy on the top half, you mouse over the enemy troops, tank, or vehicle until it is outlined in red and then click on the enemy to fire and then collect the rewards.

There is also air and water battles which are the same as the ground battle, but instead of fighting people or tanks, you fight ships and planes. Once again mousing over the enemy clicking on them to fire until their health is zero and collect the rewards as they fall from the destroyed vehicle or troops.

All in all the system is simple, the bigger weapons you have, the better you will do in battles against other empires, the game, or invasions from other players.

How to Win Battles in Empires and Allies

When ruling an empire, it's not all about the praise of your people (though that is a pretty good perk). An emperor must defend his people as well as know when it is time to take the battle to the enemy. But be aware, your godlike muscles or killer smile will not be enough to slay the Dark Alliance, rather you must outsmart your enemy, and understand how to strike when most effective.

In Empires and Allies battles, there are a few important things you must pay attention to in order to achieve victory and reap the spoils of battle.

1. First, know your enemy. When you take on a campaign, you will know what units your enemy is attacking you with. When you look at their units, you'll notice there is a yellow bar above their head. That yellow bar is their health, and you can gauge how difficult it will be to take them down based on their health.

2. Next, look at the icon next to the yellow bars above their heads. This icon indicates what type of unit it is, which is important when choosing your own units. When you mouse over the unit you are choosing, it will show three icons that unit is "great against". You want to pick units that are strong against your enemy's units so that you can achieve a swift victory. You can also mouse over enemy units to make sure that you don't choose anything that is weak against them.

If you follow those two steps during empires and allies battles, victory is not far off. In battle, you attack in volleys using one unit at a time. Make your first strike matter by attacking something that is weak against your units. Try your best to keep the upper hand, and make sure you watch your own health bars as well as your enemies. Now you are ready for victory, go forth and take hold of glory!

How to Defend Your Buildings in Empires and Allies

In Empires and Allies, there is one lesson that all great leaders must learn: the enemy never rests. At all points in time your empire is very much in danger, whether it be from warmongers among the Dark Alliance, or your very own so-called friends. A wise and might ruler must understand the need to be alert and on guard at all times, or else his empire would fall to the smallest of invasions.

Of course, a great square-jawed man-amongst-men such as yourself already knows that defending your empire is a necessity, so all that's left is learning how to do just that. In Empires and Allies, keeping your beloved people safe is keeping your buildings safe, and there are two main steps in doing just that:

Build Your Military Force

There's no defending your buildings without having an army to defend them. First you'll need a Barracks, where you can produce Cadet Soldiers, Cannon Artillery, and the Vintage Tank. Each unit is useful in battle and essential for defending against enemy invasions.

Deploy Your Units

Each unit has a certain amount of time necessary to be produced, so first you'll need to wait. When a unit is complete, you can click on the building to deploy it. With the unit selected, you can place it in your empire, much like placing a building. When deploying a unit near a building, a blue square will appear with the word 'Defend'. Buildings within the blue defense squares of any units are being defending by those particular units.

That's all there is to it. Produce military units, then deploy them near all the buildings you want to defend, and you'll be fending off impending doom in no time.

How to Earn Honor in Empires and Allies

Gaining Honor in Empires and Allies is really simple! Similar to CityVille, FarmVille, or any of the other Zynga games, you will see blank portraits at the bottom of your screen and an "Invite Friend" button. Click one and the send an invite to individual members of your friends list to join the game. Once they accept the invite, their portrait will replace the blank ones that once were there. Click on any friend's portrait, and you will be prompted to "Invade" or "Visit" them.

You gain Honor by visiting other friends and helping their army grow, whether by collecting rent from homes, speeding up farms, accelerating oil refineries, or by lawn mowing trees (ok, not really, but you get my point). Your friends' bases will have small portraits above each area you can help with, and you have a separate five Energy to use for each friend you visit. Use this energy to gain money, lumber, or oil as well as Honor. Honor drops as red hearts in place of the blue stars for experience. You gain levels for reaching certain amounts of Honor, and your Honor level is displayed beside your portrait on your friends' displays. Battle on!

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Empires and Allies Buildings Guide

There are five categories of Empires and Allies buildings, and you'll be using them all to achieve supreme and mustachioed victory. (You're running an empire. You are wearing a mustache, aren't you?)

Housing is the first and most important category. Having housing produces coins for you to spend and raises your population, allowing construction of other buildings. The more advanced and costly your housing (building these uses Wood), the more population and money you receive, though the money takes longer to arrive as the amount you receive increases.

Military buildings require coins, wood, and population, and allow you to build progressively more advanced and effective air, sea, and land units for your army.

Industry buildings acquire all of the resources you'll need to run and expand your empire. Farms turn Crops (which are unlocked as you level) into Coins, Markets allow you to trade with friends, and the other buildings produce Wood, Oil, and Ore, all necessary if you want to do anything crazy and/or diabolical. More advanced buildings acquire more of these resources, but require a vastly larger population to run. No slave labor!

Government (civic) buildings provide coins and allow you to raise your population, but to take effect, they need to be staffed. When you start building, you'll be able to either invite your friends to staff or pay to have the buildings staffed using Empire points.

Decorations serve only to decorate your lands as befitting a skilled and charismatic leader. They cost coins, and may or may not allow units to travel over them depending on what they are. (I.E, roads allow travel, Elephant statues do not.)

But how, budding ruler, do you construct these empires and allies buildings? Just click what you want constructed from one of the above five categories, click again on the location you would like it to be placed at, and then click the building itself three times. Each click takes a bit of time (more if you are building, say, a tier 3 shipyard than if you are building a basic farm), so if you're looking to build a lot at once, or are busy making sweet, sweet war all over your island, some multitasking will be necessary.

Expansions may be purchased using coins and Liberty bonds (won in campaigns or given to you by friends), and give you more land to build on. Expansions cost progressively more, but hey, in Empires and Allies buildings win wars!

How to Earn Coins in Empires and Allies

In Empires and Allies Coins are the primary currency. Many buildings and actions have different additional requirements in terms of other resources, but for almost everything you'll find you need to keep that river of gold flowing. Fortunately, there are several ways to get money.

1. Housing buildings are your first option, and the least effort. Early buildings will generate a small amount of coins every few minutes, while the larger buildings that unlock at later levels will unleash a massive tide of wealth, but only do so once every day or two.

2. FARM! Yes, that old steady of Facebook, Agriculture. Building farms on your land will allow you to regularly harvest Crops and turn them into Coins. More crops will become available to you (thus letting you make use of even more farms) as you level.

3. Market yourself! Building the Market building (currently found below Farms in the Industry tab) allows you to sell what resources (such as wood, oil, and ore) you don't need for extra coins. After building a market, simply click on it to select what you want to sell (and how much of it to offload), and you'll be a rich, rich despot.

4. Network. To earn more empires and allies coins, get your friends involved. "Allies" is in the title for a reason! Friends can give you money whenever you need it, or you can trade each other resources as necessary. Invest in a friend's empire and then tax them! If you have an evil streak in you, you might even be able to make the game "Empires and Enemies".... (Could I borrow 50000 coins?)

Now go forth, and frolic in a sea of clinking shiny metal.

Empires and Allies First 9 Minutes Video have released a First 9 Minutes video of Empires and Allies!  Check it out below:

How to Prevent Attacks on Your Empire in Empires and Allies

Empires and Allies is a PvP game, so other players can attack your empire and cause your buildings to become ruined permanently.  To make your empire immune and prevent other players from attacking you, you need to activate your World Embassy.  Your World Embassy is granted to you at level 6 and can make your empire immune for 24 hours.

You can extend the length of your World Embassy protection by hiring your friends to help.  You can either click on "Hire a Friend" to select one, or you can pay 3 Empire Points to fill an Embassy Slot an extend your protection.  As long as you do not invade any other empires, your Embassy will protect your empire.  Hopefully this has taught you how to make your empire immune to attacks in Empires and Allies.

How to Get Powerups in Empires and Allies

Powerups are special consumables in Empires and Allies that can help turn the tides in combat.  If you need that extra bit of power to defeat an especially difficult foe, you probably could use a Power-Up or two.

Power-Ups can be purchased in the Build Menu under the Power-Ups tab.  Most power-ups will require Empire Points to purchase, such as Field Repairs, Explosive Ammo, Air Strikes, and Missile Attacks.

To use a Power Up during combat, click on the pick Power-Up button.

You will then see your whole inventory of Power-Ups that you can use.  

Select the power-up you wish to use in combat and then click on the target you want to use it on.

You can get free power-ups from leveling up your Infamy and your Honor.

Have more power-up information?  Email me!

Empires and Allies Resources Guide

Resources in Empires and Allies are very important, as they are the only way for you to build buildings, military units, battle others, and level up.  There are a lot of different resources though, so here is a guide to help you learn all about the different resources that are available to you.


Coins are extremely important, as they are what you need in order to buy buildings and product resources like lumber and food from your farms.  Anything that doesn't cost Empire Point will cost coins.  You can earn coins in Empires and Allies by completing goals, winning battles, collecting Daily Bonuses, by visiting friends and helping out on their empires and collecting from your buildings regularly.


You need wood in Empires and Allies to build decorations and buildings.  You can get more wood in Empires and Allies by purchasing from a friend, starting a contract from your Lumber Mill, clearing trees on your empire (1 wood for bushes, 10 wood for trees), completing goals, and from friends as gifts.


Oil is a new feature in Empires and Allies compared to other games like CityVille.  You need oil to create troops that are used in battle such as Advanced Air, Ground, and Navy units.  You can get more oil by starting contracts with coins in your Oil Wells which are available under the Industry tab in the Build Menu.


Ore is used to build advanced buildings and military units, and come in 4 different colors.  Just like Treasure Isle, you are randomly assigned an ore color when you start playing the game.  You can then get ore from your friends if you need the other colors.  You will need to buy Ore Mines in order to harvest ore regularly.

Ore is one of the harder resources to get, so we'll teach you how to get ore in Empires and Allies.  You can get ore through Critical Kill or Critical Hit combat drops, by winning battles, request your friends to send you ore, and you can also buy and sell ore in the market.

Have more tips?  Email them to us!

How to Name Your Empire in Empires and Allies

To name your empire in Empires and Allies, you will be prompted to do this after completing several of the beginner goals.  You can only name your empire up to 23 characters maximum, and it does not seem like you can rename your empire in Empires and Allies after you have chosen a name.

What did you name your empire?

How to Get Liberty Bonds in Empires and Allies

You're probably already running out of space and wondering how to expand your empire.  In order to expand your empire in Empires and Allies, you will need Liberty Bonds.

The best way to get Liberty Bonds in Empires and Allies is to battle enemies and win.  You will get 1 Liberty Bond for every victory that you end up winning.  You can start out right away by defeating Captain Krunsch.  You can also share the XP, coins, and Liberty Bonds with your friends, so this is another way to get the precious Liberty Bonds to expand your empire.

Do you know of other ways to get Liberty Bonds?  Email us!

How to Increase Your Population in Empires and Allies

Your population in Empires and Allies is what allows you to build more Industry buildings such as Lumber Mills and Ore Mines.  The early buildings are easy to unlock because you generally will get that population just by completing goals - so you shouldn't have problems building farms and lumber mills.  However, once you get to the Oil Well or the Ore Mine, you might find that you don't have enough population to build it.  So how do you get more population?

The secret is to build homes.  We will teach you how to build homes in Empires and Allies.

Houses are available to build under the Housing tab.  Each house requires a bit of coin and some lumber in order to build.  If you mouse over the home you can read additional information about each one.  For example, the Small Cottage will cost you 60 lumber and 600 coins to build, however it will give you +40 population and 160 additional coins every 4 hours. Building these cottages will increase your population and allow you to build additional buildings and complete goals.

Be careful to only build the amount of houses that you actually need at any given time.  It can be easy to overload your empire with houses and not have enough room for the buildings you actually will need.  Expansions are expensive!

Hopefully this guide has taught you how to get more population in Empires and Allies! 

Defeating Captain Krunsch in Empires and Allies

The first real "Bad Guy" in Empires and Allies is Captain Krunsch.  We find out courtesy of a classified document that he is a 56 year old seaman who likes tasking enemies out with his bare hands.  He is a Naval Commando, and is 5'5".

He needs to be defeated in Cape Pleasant.  We will have more details on this battle once we defeat him.

Empires and Allies Episodes

Empires and Allies has just launched, but we have some early information about the episodes within the game.  Here is all the details we have so far!

Episode 1: The Face of Evil
Evil forces launched a sneak attack against our peaceful island.  Get ready to fight back!

Episode 2: Rallying The Empire
Restore your empire to its former glory!

Episode 3: Turning the Tables
Fight the Dark Alliance on their own turf!

We'll update the journal when we get more episodes unlocked.

Have more details to share?  Email us!

Empires and Allies is Now Live!

Empires and Allies is now live for everyone to play!  Log in now and give it a try!

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