Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Earn Empire Points Fast

Empires and Allies Empire Points (say that five times fast) are what you'll be using to expand your empire. They're needed for you to staff Government buildings if you are unable to recruit friends (or if they're all now your loyal servants, you sly curmudgeon), and let you buy all of the (extremely fun to use) power-ups available in the build menu. You start the game with 15 Empire Points. But unlike coins, Empire Points do not regenerate over time. So how do you obtain them?

Firstly, you can go straight through Zynga to purchase them. Currently, the prices vary slightly depending on state and/or country, but you should be able to get them for between 15 points for $2 US and 2100 points for $200 US.

Secondly, you may notice a tab to the right of "Get Empire Points" above the game window. This is where the magic happens. Simply click on it and go through any of the offers listed to be right on the way to being the Immortal Sun King. In Empires and Allies Empire Points will be given to you as soon as the company or group you select confirms that you've completed whatever offer they've made available. Don't just look at the Most Popular list- try going through the Local Deals and Category list to find what'll get you the most points for the least effort.

Did this teach you how to get Empire Points? We hope so!

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