Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Empires and Allies Early Previews

We're starting to see some early previews coming in from various websites for Empires and Allies!

Zynga Channels Settlers Of Catan In New Social Combat Game Empires & Allies; Debuts In 12 Languages
Zynga Launches Strategy Citybuilder Empires & Allies for Facebook

Here are some snippets:

One aspect of the game that Ajami says is worth noting is that it is significantly more social than any of Zynga’s previous games. Many of the social gaming interactions, such as fighting against your friends, are new to Zynga’s games, says Ajami.

Another question I had for Ajami was whether the game would appeal to both women and men. Ajami says that Zynga’s goal with Empires & Allies was to appeal to both genders. In fact, I’m told Empires & Allies is a hit with Zynga’s female employees.


In Empires & Allies, players take the role of a commander needing to rebuild their island town after an attack by an evil general. The game draws on CityVille’s citybuilding mechanic where buildings produce resources for the player to harvest. In addition to rents collected from residential buildings and crops collected from farms, players also harvest resources like oil or ore. These resources for the basis for the game’s building economy, which also includes units to send into battle.

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