Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Screenshot of Empires & Allies

Zynga have just released a new screenshot of Empires & Allies (click to enlarge) on the official fanpage for the game.  Looks a lot like CityVille, doesn't it?

How to get Energy in Empires and Allies

As you run your grand empire in Empires and Allies, you'll find that there are a variety of actions that you must take in order to keep your empire up and running. Some actions are easy, like collecting money from a small hut or clearing land, but other require a bit more effort (You are running an empire after all).

That's where Empires and Allies energy comes in. Empires and Allies energy becomes important when you want to finish a building, or even have your units attack in battle. So, naturally, you're going to need as much energy as possible to maintain your glorious empire.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to obtain energy. Energy is valuable, so it's not going to just appear out of nowhere, right? Wrong. The most basic way to obtain energy in Empires and Allies is to wait, because your energy replenishes over time. Mighty emperors don't have all the time in the world, however, and that's why there are other ways to gain energy.

One major way is to socialize. The more friends you get to play with you, the more energy you can send to them for free--and the more energy you send to your friends, the more energy they are likely to send back to you. And that's not all. Remember when I mentioned that your units require energy in battle? Well it just so happens that winning in-game battles is yet another great way to get energy. The spoils of war are plentiful!

Now that you know how to get energy, you can start playing and racking up as much energy as possible by pulverizing your enemies and gathering your allies. The best part is that it's fun while you do it!

How to Join a Crew in Empires and Allies

We know that in Empires and Allies, you will be able to put up crew structures that allow friends to join your crew.  We do not know exactly how these work yet, but we will be sure to update as soon as possible with everything you need to know about Empires and Allies crews.  Stay tuned!

Get Neighbors in Empires and Allies

This is THE one shop for finding neighbors in Empires and Allies!  Leave a comment in this post with your Facebook profile link to request an add from friends.

To get your Facebook profile link, go to www.facebook.com and click on the "Profile" link in the top right. Then copy the web URL out of your browser address bar and paste it into a comment here!

How to Level Up in Empires and Allies

Right now this is just a placeholder, because we do not yet know how to level up in Empires in Allies.  Gaining experience in Empires and Allies is most likely done through exploring, visiting friends, engaging in battles with friends, and decorating.  We will update this guide with information on how to level up and gain experience in Empires and Allies.  Stay tuned!

How To Earn Empire Points Fast

Empires and Allies Empire Points (say that five times fast) are what you'll be using to expand your empire. They're needed for you to staff Government buildings if you are unable to recruit friends (or if they're all now your loyal servants, you sly curmudgeon), and let you buy all of the (extremely fun to use) power-ups available in the build menu. You start the game with 15 Empire Points. But unlike coins, Empire Points do not regenerate over time. So how do you obtain them?

Firstly, you can go straight through Zynga to purchase them. Currently, the prices vary slightly depending on state and/or country, but you should be able to get them for between 15 points for $2 US and 2100 points for $200 US.

Secondly, you may notice a tab to the right of "Get Empire Points" above the game window. This is where the magic happens. Simply click on it and go through any of the offers listed to be right on the way to being the Immortal Sun King. In Empires and Allies Empire Points will be given to you as soon as the company or group you select confirms that you've completed whatever offer they've made available. Don't just look at the Most Popular list- try going through the Local Deals and Category list to find what'll get you the most points for the least effort.

Did this teach you how to get Empire Points? We hope so!

Empires and Allies Cheats

Since Empires and Allies has not yet been released, we don't have any cheats for you yet.  But you can be assured that as soon as the game has launched, we will have the best cheats possible for you.

Stay tuned for Empires and Allies Cheats!

Empires and Allies Early Previews

We're starting to see some early previews coming in from various websites for Empires and Allies!

Zynga Channels Settlers Of Catan In New Social Combat Game Empires & Allies; Debuts In 12 Languages
Zynga Launches Strategy Citybuilder Empires & Allies for Facebook

Here are some snippets:

One aspect of the game that Ajami says is worth noting is that it is significantly more social than any of Zynga’s previous games. Many of the social gaming interactions, such as fighting against your friends, are new to Zynga’s games, says Ajami.

Another question I had for Ajami was whether the game would appeal to both women and men. Ajami says that Zynga’s goal with Empires & Allies was to appeal to both genders. In fact, I’m told Empires & Allies is a hit with Zynga’s female employees.


In Empires & Allies, players take the role of a commander needing to rebuild their island town after an attack by an evil general. The game draws on CityVille’s citybuilding mechanic where buildings produce resources for the player to harvest. In addition to rents collected from residential buildings and crops collected from farms, players also harvest resources like oil or ore. These resources for the basis for the game’s building economy, which also includes units to send into battle.

Empires and Allies Official Trailer

Zynga have released the official trailer for Empires and Allies!

Zynga's Empires and Allies Launching Tomorrow!

Zynga's brand new long-awaited game Empires and Allies is launching tomorrow, June 1, 2011.  This will be the first of Zynga's strategy titles and is loosely based on its current hit, CityVille.  Empires and Allies has been teased a little bit in other Zynga games, and now we're finally getting the chance to see it.  Our site is aiming to be the best place on the web for Empires and Allies cheats, Empires and Allies hints, and Empires and Allies guides.  We'll be updating this site heavily tomorrow with guides to make sure to have the best coverage on the net.

Want to help us out?  Email us at empiresnallies@gmail.com!